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Multidisciplinary Treatment for Spinal Care

What we endeavor to accomplish

Our Mission:

The Spine Therapy Society (STS) is a collaborative effort driven by healthcare professionals dedicated to bridge disciplines along the patient journey and advance therapy concepts. The STS opens discussions and fosters multidisciplinary dialogue bringing together the experts’ knowledge, expertise, and experience. The STS offers a platform that is built on science and research, training and education, as well as exchange insights and networking in online and in-person events.

Our Vision:

The Spine Therapy Society strives to shape together tomorrow’s spine therapy empowering a multidisciplinary and patient-centered approach for the best possible outcome.

Our core values define who we are and the pillars we build upon.

and Training

Exchange and

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Society Events

Impressions 2023

The Society Events in both 2022 and 2023 were marked by captivating keynotes, fruitful networking, and thought-provoking panel discussions.

Impressions 2022

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